My job is one of the stupidest jobs on the planet. First of all, one of my favorite people there thinks that my name is Barney, and I didn't realize that until today because of her accent so I can't really change things now. I only see her like once a month, though. Also, I got GLARED at by some girl whom I don't even know simply because I asked her to follow the rules and put her super gigantic purse in a locker before heading back to class which she has to pass through galleries to get to. She told me that she'd been allowed to bring her bag in during the previous five weeks of class, and I told her that she was a liar because I remember telling her to put it away last week, which I do. So the glaring ensued. Yay me! Maybe next week there will be a cat fight. It would liven things up a little around there and I could get some of my anger about life out.

Posted by Maleta at 6:44 p.m.