cold hands
So I'm sitting here trying to write an 8 page paper on how America got Civil War and my hands are freezing because my room is so cold and I can't put on gloves because that would probably make it incredibly difficult to type. It's only October and already my room is pretty uninhabitable unless covered in blankets. I can only dread what it will be like in a few months when winter sets in.
Dan, Brian, Doug, Katie, and I all went up to Willy P for Dan's birthday on Friday and got properly intoxicated. Dan picked me up, turning me upside down and I kicked him in the face while I had shoes on. Luckily he was drunk enough not to feel too much pain.
This week I have decided is going to result in some loss of sleep and acute stress thanks to an art history midterm that I haven't even started to prepare for due to other assignments. Two more months and this semester will be over! hooray!

Posted by Maleta at 3:42 p.m.